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Graphic showing the Rolls-Royce logo

“A leisurely ride in a British classic Rolls Royce Silver Spur, on your wedding day, is all the panache you need!”


The main purpose of my company is the photo op for your wedding album/website. With that in mind, we have prepared this photo gallery to assist you in providing outstanding sites in the Washington DC metro area. Please ask your photographer to take pictures of the two of you near the front of the Rolls at one or more of these locations. We also provide our beautiful Rolls Royce for Baraat events.

Notable Customer Quotes 

“What you are doing with your Rolls Royce, by offering it to the public for their use and enjoyment, is tantamount to the aristocrats of Europe opening up their castles to the common man.”



“…your car is the most beautiful and ‘regal’ vehicle that I have ever seen…”

Carol T. 


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Classic Rolls Royce Wedding Transportation is our Specialty!

It embodies all of the refinements that anyone could ever want in a luxury wedding limousine. Including:

  1. Six extra inches of legroom in the rear passenger compartment for the comfort of our brides with their long, flowing wedding dresses.
  2. An air conditioning & heating system costing more than a small car – the controls of which need not be touched to maintain a constant temperature on a trip from Alaska to Arizona.
  3. The final iteration of a 50-year-old all-alloy engine design – an overhead valve (OHV) 6750 CC V8 with Bosch K/2ytpk fuel injection system coupled to a GM sourced THM 400 three-speed automatic transmission.
  4. It’s white
  5. It’s a classic Rolls Royce

Interior accouterments include:

  1. 540 square feet (10 hydes) of Connolly Irish leather. (The cattle were grazed in pastures with board fences so that there would never be any scratched from barbed wire.)
  2. Burled Italian walnut woodwork;
  3. Ladies companions (lighted mirrors) to the rear;
  4. Australian lambswool overlays on the British Wilton wool carpets, to name a few.

There is an emphasis on ride quality by utilizing a hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension system, modified with Girling automatic hydraulic ride height controls; helium gas-charged shock absorbers adjust on all four wheels in real-time. Dual system aircraft brakes utilize superefficient mineral oil. The Rolls weighs three tonnes, yet achieves 0-60 MPH in 10 seconds, does 133 MPH on the straightaway, but only gets 12 MPG. User-friendly items include the doors, boot, and bonnet lids – all of which are made of aluminum.

The Rolls Royce Silver Spur is for those who prefer to be driven!



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Our prices are about half of what our competitors charge.

Are you ready to reserve a dream wedding limo for your wedding day or special event?

Classic Rolls Royce wedding limousine transportation rental for suburban Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia